The Catch Your Story Collective

Dive into the essence of storytelling with The Catch Your Story Collective, a comprehensive membership meticulously designed for speakers, businesses, and personal brands poised to master the ancient craft of storytelling. Our tiered approach ensures that no matter where you are on your storytelling journey, you'll find a home with us—one that not only guides but transforms.


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    The Catch
    Your Story Collective

    • Weekly 2-hour live coaching and story-catching sessions to cultivate your storytelling vision.
    • Access to the Catch Your Story Hub: A comprehensive digital library equipped with resources to recognize, relate, remember, and record your unique stories.
    • Interactive story prompts and narrative crafting challenges that push the envelope of creativity.
    • Valued conversations with guest experts, sharing their triumphs and wisdom.
    • Recorded sessions to revisit transformative moments of learning.
    • Integration into a Collaborative Learning Online Community: Engage with other members. Get feedback on your latest story project and brainstorming sessions to foster a supportive community with diverse experience levels.

    Key Takeaways

    • Increased Engagement: Engage your audience with captivating narratives leading to higher retention and loyalty.
    • Enhanced Persuasion: Through our "Convert with Your Story Challenges," refine your ability to persuade and sell—potentially boosting your conversion rates and revenue.
    • Personal Branding: With improved storytelling, elevate your brand, allowing you to stand out and command higher market rates or speaking fees.
    • Network Growth: Expand your influence with our industry networking opportunities, often leading to collaborations and new business ventures.